Cuando un alumno me da las gracias de una forma especial, me gusta compartirlo con vosotros.


I decided a few months ago to take my English classes again. I had taken classes several years ago with a very nice boy and now a good friend of mine, Patricio (Patrick at English classes) in Barcelona,.

My friends Simon, Toni and José Luis, who already live in Madrid told me about a lovely girl who had a little school not far away from me. I decided to meet her and I can tell you that is one of the best ideas I have ever had in my life ;-))

In Carmen I have not only found the best teacher but also a very nice person and a good friend. She is neither British, nor Irish, nor American, nor Australian and nor Maltese. Hehehe. She is from Málaga one of the most beautiful provinces of Spain and she is prettier than any British or American woman.

Her school is on Tesoro street. There is no better name for a street where there is a woman and a school that are both treasures ;-)).

She teaches her classes with her own methodology, her own books which are written by her, and her audios, which I find difficult to understand but with her patience and help, I always get it!!!
She laughs a lot with me when I perfectly mimic the characters with their voices and expressions… And also when I am so worried that Peter doesn’t stop breaking glasses all day long!!!

Seriously speaking I will tell you that I have not been able to find a better teacher because she always has a lot of patience with me. In the days when I think that I will never be able to speak English, or I feel sad, she always encourages me and makes me end up trusting myself.

I’ll also tell you that the best thing, and this is true, is that I have never been lazy to go to our classes.

Her motto is «Learning not studying” and this is true!!!

For all this and more, if you want to learn English with the best teacher and in the best school, certainly Carmen and her Macluque School, is the best option!!!

Thank you Carmen for your patience and for being by my side….


Your disastrous student